February 28, 2013By Annie Guilfoyle

December is the end of my Diploma student’s year; with the course nearly over they have to prepare for their end of year show. This is the culmination of all their hard work, pulling together all their best projects to display to the public, friends and family. This year we tried a new way of … Read More

Ready to go again

February 28, 2013By Annie Guilfoyle

Well it is that time of year again and spurred on by a fantastic course given by Charles Dowding the plot is ready for action! I have spread a layer of gorgeous mulch all over the plot, kindly dumped by the wonderful Jim Buckland. This will help to supress the weeds, keep in moisture in … Read More

High time to see the High Line

February 28, 2013By Annie Guilfoyle

After a gap of eighteen years I finally made it back to NYC and boy how it has changed! The week I visited was the run up to hurricane Sandy and the city was bracing itself for the arrival of the terrible storm. By the time it arrived, I was safely on the plane home … Read More

This year’s crop

October 15, 2012By Annie Guilfoyle

While my graduate students were basking in their much-deserved glory and polishing their shiny medals, this year’s group were hard at it on their summer work placements.  With the van packed I happily set off around the country to see them all in action.  My first stop was Cornwall where Andrew Lord, Therese Rebiez and … Read More

Best in show

October 15, 2012By Annie Guilfoyle

The marquee had barely hit the ground at The Chelsea Flower Show when along trots its little sister at Hampton Court. Set in the magnificent Palace grounds and a mere stone’s throw from KLC’s garden design studios. This year was certainly one of the most memorable and exciting shows for me, where three of my … Read More

Fresh pickings

June 8, 2012By Annie Guilfoyle

It is May and that means there is only one horticultural thing on people’s minds…. Chelsea Flower Show! For the past few weeks there has been much speculation about the Main Avenue gardens, who will be hot and who will not!  With the show unveiled it revealed that the main avenue gardens were as accomplished … Read More

Sparks will fly

June 8, 2012By Annie Guilfoyle

I have just completed what must be my sixth or even seventh blacksmithing course at West Dean. An incredibly enjoyable weekend course was spent under the expert tutorage of artist-blacksmith Melissa Cole. On previous courses I have tried to create something that required an articulated lorry to drag it home, but this time I decided … Read More

The launch of my new website

March 30, 2012By Annie Guilfoyle

To celebrate the launch of my revamped website, I have decided to dip my toes into the murky waters of blogging! It seems like a good time to do it and a perfect way to share information about plants, gardens, nurseries and the latest ups and downs from ‘the plot’. The plot is an allotment … Read More